Bonnaroo Camping Tip: Use Dry Ice to Stay Chill

Woman camping at a music festival

Why Use Dry Ice at Bonnaroo?

Have you ever had a cooler full of regular ice turn into a watery, melted mess?

Dry ice is the answer!

Dry ice is VERY cold. (-109.3 degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact.)

Since it’s made of solid carbon dioxide, when it sublimates it turns directly into CO2 gas – no liquid mess.

How to Pack a Cooler with Dry Ice

Packing a cooler with dry ice is simple. Remember not to let the dry ice touch your skin, as direct contact can cause injury. Use gloves or tongs instead. Also, avoid storing your dry ice in an air-tight container and always use it in a well-ventilated area. More tips here.

Where to Buy Dry Ice for Bonnaroo Camping

Penguin Brand Dry Ice is available at over 5,000 retailers around the country. Find one using our store locator tool now. We recommend purchasing 10-12 pounds per cooler per day.