Three Delicious Meal Ideas For Your Next Camping Trip


When you need to get away from it all and unplug, there is no better escape than camping. Something about getting out of town and into nature relaxes the mind in a way few other things can. But when you’re going on vacation, your soul isn’t the only thing you need to feed.

For some, the idea of going camping conjures up bad memories of the time their dad served cold hot dogs and potato chips for dinner because he couldn’t get the fire to light. Or surviving on instant oatmeal, beef jerky and ramen noodle soup because no one knew how to keep the groceries cold overnight.

But with a little bit of planning and Penguin Brand Dry Ice, you really can eat like royalty during your next outdoor adventure! Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your perishables cold all weekend plus three of our favorite recipes for cooking in the great outdoors.

Packing Your Cooler with Dry Ice

If you’ve ever tried to use wet ice to keep things cold on a multi-day camping trip, you’re familiar with how well that typically goes. By day two, you’ve got a lukewarm soupy mess on your hands and find yourself wondering, “Is this chicken still good?” Penguin Brand Dry Ice can change that!

By adding dry ice to the bottom of your cooler, you can keep your food cold and dry for days. How does it work? First, it’s important to understand that dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. In its solid state, it is negative 109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Rather than melting, dry ice goes directly from a solid state into a gas. The result of this process, known as sublimation, is that dry ice dissipates into the air without forming a pool of liquid – perfect for avoiding leaks and messes.

This short video will teach you exactly how to pack your cooler with a combination of dry and wet ice.

For a 25-quart cooler, you’ll need 10 – 15 lbs. of dry ice per day. When packing your cooler, it’s important to remember that dry ice can burn you if it makes direct contact with your skin. Use gloves or a hand towel, and always follow our safe handling guidelines.

Furthermore, be aware that your dry ice will begin sublimating as soon as you purchase it. It’s best to purchase your Penguin Brand Dry Ice from your local retailer just before you leave for your trip. While driving to your destination, keep in mind that carbon dioxide gas can pose a safety hazard in high concentrations. If your cooler is packed inside your car, be sure to open a window to provide sufficient ventilation.


Favorite Camping Recipes

Southwestern Chicken Packets

This recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with its combination of chicken, corn, black beans, and southwestern spices. It packs a huge amount of flavor into a small package, and it’s excellent for camping because it’s easy to prepare and fun to cook right on the coals of your campfire. Find the full recipe here.

Grilled Gyro Kebabs

You might not be camping on the shores of a Greek island, but you can add some Mediterranean flair to your trip with these grilled gyro kebabs! The marinated lamb in this recipe will have your mouth watering in no-time, while the pop of the cherry tomatoes really makes these kebabs memorable. Find the full recipe here.

Campfire Frittata

Just because you’re out in the woods doesn’t mean you have to miss Sunday brunch! This delicious frittata is an excellent way to start your day, but it can also work for dinner, too. As an added convenience, you can use up your extra cherry tomatoes from the night before in this dish! Find the full recipe here.

Bonus: Triple Berry Cobbler

Let’s face it – you’re on vacation, and you want to enjoy yourself. That means dessert is just as important as the main dish! Don’t worry, this triple berry cobbler is just what you need. The mixture of blueberries, strawberries and blackberries is heavenly. Find the full recipe here, and enjoy!

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