Storing Grain

Storing Grain with Dry Ice

Dry ice can be a really useful way to preserve grains!

Not only can it be used to help destroy “wheat weevil” eggs and other insects, dry ice can also be used to increase the longevity of storage. While using dry ice does not completely guarantee an insect-free container, it definitely helps keep creepy-crawlers out of your food.

What do you need?

A food scale, a measuring cup, Penguin Brand™ Dry Ice, the wheat you plan to preserve and an airtight storage container.

How much dry ice do you use?

It depends on the strength of the container in which you are storing the grain but, as a general rule, most people recommend two ounces of dry ice per six gallons of storage space.

How do you do it?

  • After breaking your dry ice into chunks using appropriate safety precautions, use a scale to measure two ounces of dry ice per six gallons of storage space.
  • Place two chunks of dry ice at the bottom of your container and cover with a divider such as a paper towel or wax sheet.
  • Once the divider is in place, fill the bucket up with wheat until almost completely full.
  • Seal the container but ensure you have a small opening for the carbon dioxide to exit.
  • When you pick up the bucket and the bottom no longer feels cold, the dry ice has evaporated and you can seal the bucket completely.
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