Preserving Your Wedding Cake

Newlyweds: Preserve Your Wedding Cake with Dry Ice!

Amidst all the flower decisions, ceremony arrangements and reception details, don’t forget an important piece of the puzzle – your wedding cake!

One popular tradition has become standard in nearly all wedding celebrations: saving the top tier of your wedding cake and eating it on your first anniversary.

But without the help of Penguin Brand™ Dry Ice, your frozen wedding cake could end up tasting less like a delicious, sugary treat and more like old cardboard. A handy tip is to flash-freeze your wedding cake with dry ice before you place it in the freezer. It’s simple!

All you need is a five to seven pound chunk of dry ice purchased from your local grocery store to get started. Then, simply freeze the cake following the instructions on our Safe Uses and Handling Guide. When the cake is completely frozen, place it in your regular freezer.

On your first anniversary, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious, moist cake just like the day you got married. Happy Chilling, lovebirds!

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