Holiday Survival Tips

Holiday Survival Tips From The Penguin!

Hosting your next family get-together, traveling home or creating your own winter wonderland during the holidays? Have no fear – Penguin Brand™ Dry Ice is here to help. The Penguin has compiled a list of his favorite holiday and winter-themed tips using dry ice:

Dry Ice for Food Storage

Family holidays mean food – and a lot of it! Whether you are traveling to grandma’s house or just simply don’t have the space in your fridge, you can keep food fresh by packing it in dry ice. Start by picking up Penguin Brand™ Dry Ice at your nearest retailer. The Penguin suggests packing your cooler with dry ice at the bottom then placing a sufficient layer of insulation (Styrofoam works best, but you can use towels or a thick stack of newspapers) between the dry ice and your food. Just 10 pounds in a 25 quart cooler will keep your food chilled or frozen for 24 hours. Only 15 pounds of dry ice is needed to provide up to two days of cooling power – so even if your family members decide to stay a day or two longer than expected, your food and drinks will be nice and cold.

Science Experiments

Looking for a way to keep the rambunctious kids occupied? Entertain them by using your leftover dry ice in some of our cool experiments. Only a handful of household items are required and these fun science projects will keep the kiddos busy for hours!

Remember: dry ice should always be handled with gloves and under adult supervision. With these tips and some Penguin Brand™ Dry Ice, you’ll be sure to keep it cool.

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