Dry Ice Washing Machine

Meet the Dry Ice Washing Machine!

What is the worst, most tedious chore everyone has to do? Washing the laundry! If you’re the kind of person who always turns their underwear pink or never ends up with an even number of socks, we feel your pain. Luckily, The Penguin has found a great new concept for a portable washing machine that uses dry ice instead of water and detergent! Dry ice is frequently used for cleaning large equipment and machinery, but now the same technique can be applied to clothes!

The Orbit is the “greenest” washing machine concept around. It may look a little crazy and not at all like a washing machine, but it could be the future of laundry – and it’s silent! Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your dirty laundry in the circular metal basket in the middle of this portable machine.
  2. The battery-filled ring creates a magnetic field, making the basket (and your clothes) float.
  3. The dry ice in the machine evaporates into gas and the pressure lifts the dirt off your clothes.
  4. The machine sucks the gas back up and returns it to the solid dry ice state to use again later.
  5. The dirt from your clothes is filtered through a tube.
  6. In just a few short minutes, your clothes are as good as new!
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