Dry Ice In Medicine

A number of cancer patients have found an interesting new application to maintain some level of comfort and normalcy through the chemotherapy process. In fact, Sharon Arkin of Arizona wrote into us about her experience with the application:

I am using dry ice in a procedure to prevent the hair loss associated with chemotherapy. Before, during, and four hours after each session, a series of gel caps frozen to minus 32 [degrees] centigrade using dry ice is applied to my scalp every 30 minutes. The extreme cold numbs the hair follicles and prevents the toxic chemotherapy chemicals from damaging them. I’ve had my first session and I feel great!

According to Sharon, this new application has been used with success by a number of other cancer patients that must undergo chemotherapy. We certainly applaud Sharon for her innovation and bravery and hope that this application continues to show success for both her and other chemotherapy patients!

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