Cleaning Terrariums

How to Clean Your Terrarium with Dry Ice

Terrariums are no fun to clean, but dry ice is here to help! It’s safe, non-toxic and beats the heck out of getting in there with a brush and bleach. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Temporarily move any terrarium residents (i.e. frogs or other amphibians, reptiles, plants) to a safe location.
  2. Get a block of dry ice and break it with a hammer into small chunks. (Tip: Whenever using dry ice, you should always be in a well-ventilated space and use gloves or a towel to avoid direct contact).
  3. Put several chunks of dry ice into two to three plastic drinking cups.
  4. Place the cups evenly throughout the terrarium.
  5. Add hot water to each of the cups and quickly cover the top of the terrarium with either your regular cover or fitted saran wrap loosely around the rim.
  6. Let the terrarium stand for five minutes as the dry ice sublimates.
  7. Briefly remove the cover on the terrarium after five minutes has passed.
  8. Hold the cups at a 45-degree angle to allow the remaining gas to filter into the terrarium.
  9. Remove the cups once the CO2 evaporates.
  10. Replace the cover or fitted saran wrap on the terrarium.
  11. Let the terrarium stand for two to three hours.
  12. Remove the cover after two to three hours to let the air inside the terrarium clear out.

The non-toxic carbon dioxide gas formed by the sublimation of the dry ice will safely and easily eradicate any unwanted terrarium guests or plants. Once the CO2 clears, you can welcome back your terrarium’s proper residents!

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