A Q&A With Professional Makeup Artist Roy Wooley

You may know Roy Wooley from Syfy’s “Face Off.” You may know his work from movies like “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” and “Captain America: Civil War.” Wooley has always had a passion for creating one-of-a-kind, artistic and spooky looks. After moving from his small hometown in Alabama to the big city of Atlanta, Wooley was able to turn that passion into a successful career in special effects makeup and costuming. His work has been featured on the big screen, the small screen and at local Atlanta attractions – and now, he shares his favorite projects and tips with The Penguin.

The Penguin: How did you first get interested in special makeup effects?

Roy Wooley: I have always loved monsters and monster movies. It wasn’t until I saw “An American Werewolf in London” that I realized that I wanted to be an effects artist.

TP: Do you have a favorite project that you’ve gotten to work on?

RW: I have worked on a lot of cool projects over the years but this past summer I got to work on “Captain America Civil War.” I am a huge Captain America fan so that was a dream come true.

TP: What projects do you have in the works that you’re excited about?

RW: At the moment I am working on my yearly duties at Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta. I am the head of the makeup department and also create some of the props and costumes.

TP: Special effects makeup seems to be a popular DIY trend around Halloween. What’s your #1 tip for amateur and beginner makeup artists?

RW: Safety first! The second is that if you really want to get good at anything you have to practice. It’s the same with makeup.

TP: What are you looking for when judging photos and videos in Penguin Brand™ Dry Ice’s Frightfully Cool Halloween contest?

RW: Creativity – show me something I haven’t seen before. Please, no zipperfaces!

TP: What are your interests beyond special effects makeup?

RW: I think all my interest all seem to come back to special makeup effects. Even when I’m relaxing, I’m usually in my shop making my own monsters. I see creature ideas when I’m walking through the woods in the different rock forms or the trees.

TP: How have you used dry ice in your work?

RW: I used to do a home haunt every year and dry ice was always a staple for creating a creepy atmosphere.  Most recently, I have used it for doing a quick freeze for making a type of prosthetics call pros aide transfers, which is a prosthetic that applies like a temporary tattoo and is used as a screen for a ghostly projection.

To learn more about Roy Wooley, catch up with him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to enter the Frightfully Cool Halloween Contest for your chance to impress Wooley and win $500!

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