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Penguin Brand Dry Ice can help make your next outdoor adventure or gathering an even bigger success!

How to Pack a Cooler with Dry Ice

Dry ice keeps refrigerated and frozen items cooler longer. Whether you’re packing for a weekend camping trip, a week at the beach or an off-road hunting excursion, dry ice can enhance the way you pack your cooler. How to Chill with Dry Ice For shorter trips or items that don’t need to be frozen, use…

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Open Season: Expert Tips To Make The Most Of Each Hunting Trip

Kevin Paulson is an avid hunter and owner of both and Born into a family of nature-lovers, Kevin grew a passion for hunting and the outdoors at an early age, which led him to create a site for others who are interested in hunting and the role it plays in conservation. We reached…

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Avoid a Music Festival Meltdown: Survival Tips from a Festival Veteran

Chris Alexander, aka Bonnaroo Chris, is a music festival veteran and dedicated Bonnaroovian. In 2007 Chris attended his first Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and never looked back. He started his blog, Bonnaroo Chris, shortly thereafter, chronicling his adventures on the farm and providing an online resource to his fellow festival goers. We sat down…

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Using Dry Ice on Your Camping Trip

Whether you’re going to the mountains or the sandy shores of the coast, camping is always a pleasant break from a busy schedule. Campers frequently ask The Penguin about using dry ice to transport frozen or perishable food or how to store these items in a cooler. Check out our Packing page to learn how…

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