Airgas® Cold Shipping Products

With ever-increasing demand and shorter lead times, the makers of quality perishable goods face a constant shipping challenge: how to ensure their products arrive well protected and temperature controlled. Airgas Dry Ice custom packaging specialists provide a reliable, cost-efficient solution. By combining the appropriate refrigerant with a custom designed container, Airgas specialists can provide product and delivery solutions for proper handling and shipment of perishable items.

Complete Refrigerant Selection

From Dry Ice to Gel Ice Packs

Airgas provides refrigerant solutions for both chilled and frozen products. Chilled perishables, those packaged at 33–50° F and above, are generally shipped with gel ice packs. Airgas gel ice packs come in several sizes and are safe, non-toxic, and reusable. For frozen products requiring temperatures between 32° F to -109° F, dry ice is offered in three standard cut sizes and in pellet form. Gel ice packs may also be used in conjunction with dry ice to meet your packaging requirements.

Custom Styrofoam Containers & Coordinated Cartons

Airgas’ rigid, molded-Styrofoam shipping containers are custom designed in various sizes and feature a secure, tight-fitting lid to provide excellent thermal insulation. They are clean, lightweight, durable, and recyclable. They can be inserted into a matching corrugated carton for added strength and insulation. The cartons are white, heat-reflective, and come with pre-printed shipping information. Using polyethylene liner bags adds to the insulation of the product.

Combination Packaging Benefits

  • Maintains freshness and extends shelf life of shipped items
  • Prevents melting of perishables in hot weather
  • Reduces bacteria growth with controlled temperature protection
  • Provides critical temperature ranges for blood, pharmaceuticals and laboratory test samples
  • Reusable and recyclable packaging products
  • Most cost effective heat controlled packaging method for perishables

Packaging: Safe & Reliable

Airgas gel ice is packaged in pressure tested polyethylene bags to ensure maximum strength. Key features include sealed back seams and welded ends.

Formulation: Non-toxic, Non-caustic & Reusable

Our +30° F formula is used to keep products chilled for an average duration of 24 – 48 hours in a well-insulated container. Other formulations can be special ordered.

Freezing Points

Airgas gel ice packs freeze at 5° F lower than water, requiring an average freezing temperature of 28° F before use. Packs must be frozen solid to achieve maximum results. Recommended freezing periods for gel icepacks are 24 – 48 hours when laid out individually and 5 – 7 days in cartons. Ventilation holes in cartons provide circulation and shorter freezing times.

Uses for Gel Ice Packs

Gel ice packs are ideal for products that cannot tolerate the melting water of ice or the extreme cold of dry ice. Airgas gel ice packs are great for shipping or holding medical supplies, fresh produce, flowers, candy, seafood, meat, and picnic items.

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